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Geyer’s Manufacturing Plant

Project description

A post-factory area located near the main street of the city, in the Jasień River valley. The cotton mill of Ludwik Geyer, also known as Czerwona Fabryka (‘Red Factory’), had been operating at this location since the first half of the 19th century. Together with the so-called Biała Fabryka (‘White Factory’) - located on the other side of Piotrkowska Street - they formed the largest and most modern (it was here in 1839 that the first steam engine in the city was launched) cotton product manufacturing complex in Łódź. After World War II, the factory was nationalised and then, in 2002, it declared bankruptcy as ‘Eskimo’ - a state-owned enterprise. This post-factory area was prepared for future investment that was supposed to perform three functions: residential, office and commercial. The structures that had no historical value were demolished in coordination with the caretaker and a new division of plots was carried out taking into account the historical urban layout. The development conditions were obtained afterwards. 
  • Project category: investment areas
  • Intended use: housing and services, office, entertainment
  • Land surface area: 105 000 m2
  • Project status: sold